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Assad, The Latest Victim of The Progressive Spring

Bashar Al-Assad the latest dictator to descend down the violent progressive garbage disposal know as the Arab Spring, must be loosening his necktie for the inevitably bumpy ride. All across the Middle East and North Africa, Dictators have been deposed not for the sake of democracy like the global run media has portrayed, but by the progressive globalist agenda. The P.G.A (The progressive globalist agenda) of which the Barack Obama administration is a vital and potent part of, is responsible for the uprisings success in Syria.
Progressives might have learned their lesson with two unpopular and expensive wars under their belts in the just the last decade. It seems to be much more cost efficient to stir up mayhem in underdeveloped countries that are rich in oil and geographically strategic. By funding a potpourri of radicals with a common interest The Arab Spring has been quite a success. The global media, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS and Fox, narrate the murderous bloodbath, painting the picture of a dictator slaughtering innocent young students of democracy.

What’s been painfully obvious is the insidious doctrine of the supposed democratic rebels, just take a gander at Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood now entrenched in power. The media plays up Obama’s deceptive portrayal of some human rights atrocity, when an untainted view would clearly expose both sides with an equal responsibility of bloodletting.
Obama and the global elites will sacrifice families, women, and children in this proxy war against Russia and China, Syria’s only significant allies. The Arab Spring is nothing more than a power grab, citizens of Syria are being slaughtered by BOTH SIDES. Assad remains helpless like a wounded rat, bleeding and backed into a corner. Hillary Clinton and the other progressive hawks are certainly behind this. Is her relationship with Huma Abedin significant? How committed are we to the Muslim brotherhood? What we are seeing is the Obama administrations willingness to recruit pernicious characters to do its bidding.