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As the Worm Turns

Canada's Prime Sodomite black faces it up and doesn't give a shit.

As The Worm Turns

Is he trying for tit? I thought he was gay?
Instant attraction, this bell-hops probably too damm old for Justine

This creep might very well slither away unharmed and recapture his post as Canada’s Prime Sodomizer.

Most of his defenders, as well as the softies on the right,  will suggest to you that Trudeau can’t possibly be a racist. They will site all the “woke” trash he has previously shoveled upon the Hoser Nation.

However, just like the left in America, Trudeau’s socially woke “schtick” is bullshit, he’s a racist liar. People like the Prime Minister actually despise non-whites, they even turn their noses up to the under-class of any color.

Trudeau did this blackface well after it became a racist thing to do, he has also darkened his skin several other times on other occasions. His public apology reeked of a self-entitlement and arrogance, he knows that his devout followers are too stupid to comprehend that he is a presumptuous piece of shit.