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Apotheosis of Evil (christian Bell Doc.)

Advocating for the white man

Christian Bell

Published on May 9, 2019

This is a rather lengthy documentary, but if you are white then you should be watching, in increments anyway. IUf you are a white male then you should be watching and taking notes.

Democrats, well the left particularly, are ardently following an agenda to replace you in your own Nation. For 60 fuckin’ years they have waged a psychological war on whites, programing us in school and on TV.

We are a melting pot, we must care for the worlds tired and weary, we stole this land, we were a slave nation, it is bigoted to make people speak the language, and on and on……. You’re Programmed!

Over 350,000 men from just the North perished to free slaves, there’s your reparations. Over 1/2 a million dead white men, we should be getting change back!