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Anti-white bias: Real or just paranoid delusion?

Is white bias real?

The systematic suppression of white Americans began in the sixties, successfully yielding a robust crop of pathetic losers riddled with iniquity.

A generation of white America processes the world with a skewed version of reality and a distorted understanding of history that they’ve been shrewdly forced-fed. Social Justice Bacteria has infected academia, pop culture, and various sources of information thus supplanting innate excellence with doubt and guilt.

White children are not being taught to admire the miraculous accomplishments connected with their ancestors. Minds that dominated civilization in science, biology, culture, and conquest and whose souls maintained a direct connection to divine providence.

The prodigious and uncivilized land of North America was inhabited by savages that engaged in violent wars with one another until being conquered and tamed by European settlers. For thousands of years, this was a common practice throughout the world as the land changed hands until settled by the victorious.

It is common to see white males portrayed as ignorant bullies or oafish misogynist on television and the silver screen. News organizations are also rife with liberal bigots and anti-whites.

When the New York Times announced that technology writer Sarah Jeong would join their editorial staff they discovered that she had previously tweeted derogatory remarks regarding white folks

“oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men;”

“Dumbass fucking white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants;”

 “Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically only being fit to live underground like groveling goblins.”

Of course, if Jeong’s subject was black and she was white then the scope of her ignorance and retardation would have saturated the national fake news on an endless loop.

I got this from an article on the website ALT RIGHT+ ALT RELIGION by Manon Welles

Anti-White Bias in the Fake News

As a quick example, could you imagine reading the following in the mainstream press?

  • What’s the matter with black people?”
  • “17 Foods That Black People Have Ruined”
  • “22 Reasons Black People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Name Children”
  • “When I say I don’t like black women, it’s not in reference to any specific black woman . . . It’s a declaration that black women pose a very real threat to my existence, and I don’t have to embrace that threat with open arms.”

Most people would label these as racist and would be shocked to come across them on a reputable website. If you published these articles, it wouldn’t be long before groups like the SPLC and ADL listed you as a “hate group” or a “white supremacist.”

In actuality, these are real quotes from online news sites, but in the originals, the word “white” was used instead of “black.” 

(Below) The hags from the propagate their bigoted ignorance as they describe a survey in which whites feel discriminated against.

White males, now more than ever, must have an impelling desire to teach their children the unique history of their race and prepare them to be the next Ubermensch. (Superman)

It is only white fathers that can effectively teach young males the vital distinctions of our culture, specifically the degree of appreciation and strength to have in regards to the white female.

There is no doubt that whites have been targeted, not only in The United States but Europe as well, through the scope of the globalist. Anti-white bias becomes more disturbing when you begin to understand the extent to which it is being perpetrated.

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