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Angry Black America

Angry Black America
If one were to take a gander at Thomas Sowell’s, Black Rednecks & White Liberals, one would see some amazing discoveries. What today is categorized as “black Culture” is just an unhealthy rehash of this countries earlier culture of white rednecks. British and Scottish settlers from across the Atlantic that had relocated in the southern region of America.
“Teachers are not supposed to correct black youngsters who speak “black English” and no one is supposed to be judgmental about the whole lifestyle of black rednecks. In that culture, belligerence is considered being manly and crudity is considered cool, while being civilized is regarded as “acting white.””
In the antebellum south, whites who often had a meager existence used self empowerment as a means of navigating through what would otherwise be a depressive quagmire. They often celebrated the mere fact that they were white, usually because the bank could redeem their house if they didn’t pay, the court could jail their freedom if they broke the law, but no one could take the color of their skin. In this society “bettering yourself” was often met with resistance, snarls, and jealousy. It was much easier to keep a man down, because his peers would feel inferior.
The South eventually went on to be one of the most advantageous regions in America, known for its beauty and warm hospitality. However this “red neck” culture remained, only much less significant and hardly as influential. Unfortunately in the 1960’s, white liberals recognized they could capitalize from the misfortune and misconceived fortune of many black Americans. Some wonder just how in the civilized world, one can be conditioned to determine ones worth or authenticity by the color of ones skin. This in a country where individual freedom and liberty is paramount. White liberals and black con artist preyed on the weak and impoverished, the era of Martin Luther King had ended and black power began.
“This is the twenty-seventh time I have been arrested and I ain’t going to jail no more! The only way we gonna stop them white men from whuppin’ us is to take over. What we gonna start sayin’ now is Black Power!” – Stokely Carmichael 1966
Black power, a Marxist movement, puts the “greater good” above the individual, unfortunately the greater good was always revealed as a pied pipers pocket or political agenda. The theory was now, instead of climbing up the hill to true freedom, young blacks would revel in poverty, crime and moral turpitude because this was labeled as a legitimate culture. In 1968 we witnessed the “Black Power Salute” in Mexico during the Olympics, as Tommie Smith and John Carlos wearing black gloves raised their fist into the air.
There are many victims affected by Black Power, the individual who is persuaded into believing he owes something to his race and the strong self determined person who is blindly categorized because of his color. The Ideals of The Black Panthers are insidious and erroneous, the conclusion of their agenda is ultimately unattainable. The dirty secret about the Black Panthers is that they are not social advocate’s or race vanguards, they are a cleverly conceived political machine. The Black Panthers are Marxist and will incur any detriment in order to reach a political end.
These are devastating, self-imposed handicaps that prevent many young ghetto blacks from getting a decent education or an opportunity to rise to higher levels.”-Thomas Sowell
Today Progressives retain a tight grip on the Urban Black Community, the label of African American was discovered in order to further divide and segregate. The black communities in The United States hardly resemble that of Africa, but race baiters like Jesse Jackson continue to categorized and separate for a political means. This however in not exclusive to African American’s, but now you hear the terms Asian American, Hispanic American, None white American, all for political means. 90 % of the black voting population votes democrat, the irony of this is the democrat party’s history of atrocious racism. Progressives have altered and oppressed the history of racism perpetrated by themselves and the democrats, putting it squarely on the backs of republicans who led the original civil rights cause. After the democrats could no longer legally force slavery they initiated their segregation laws, they are still to this day dividing American’s.

A wholly disproportionate number of future black leaders and pioneers in many fields came out of the relatively few and small enclaves of Northern culture deliberately planted in the post-Civil War South. What they did worked and what the multiculturalists are doing today repeatedly fails. -Thomas Sowell

Just as the whites before escaped the “Red Neck” culture, blacks must as well. Today though, almost any influential man of color who promotes individuality and proper American educate, is chastised and ridiculed. Revolutionary men such as Alan West, the first Republican from Florida since 1876, are shunned by the liberal media, at all cost. The white liberal media is responsible for the horrifying disinformation and suppression of Black Conservatives, yet they are accountable to no one. They have conditioned segments of the society to believe someone of color can only admire someone of the same color.

But results are no longer the test. The test is whether what you say makes you feel good as someone who is a “friend”of blacks. But friends like that can do more damage than enemies.-Thomas Sowell

So many good men and women have suffered and died, struggling to achieve a society in which the color of your skin does not determine your future, good or bad. Martin Luther King, like him or loathe him, gave his mortal life in the struggle to see a world where his children were judged for the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Ironically, his children sold out that honorable ideal for the much more lucrative identity based politics.

85% of prisoners, 78% of high school dropouts, 82% of teenage girls who become pregnant, the majority of drug and alcohol abusers – all come from single-mother-headed households. Less than 1% of any of these categories come from single-father-headed households. [Statistics from late 1990s. -Researched Statistics
These stat’s are from the nineties, in 2011 over 70% of Black Women raise their children alone, what’s going on? Where is Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Rev. Al Sharpton? These people don’t profit without misery, they continue to follow the Marxist play book, yet the American Media turns it’s head. For this part, both republicans and democrats have failed miserably, for we have lost generations of Black Americans to self imposed black on black crime, welfare, poverty, and a ghetto psychosis. Black race baiters are not allowing the black community to naturally turn the corner to progress like other races have, Japanese, Chinese, Irish, Italians and various religious groups.
There is no viable end to the means of “Black Power” the violent extremist and profiteers know this. There will never be a Black America as certain as there will never be a white America. Logic leads us to believe, as long as these radicals are allowed to procure hatred beneath the eye of scrutiny, wounds will fester and chaos will reign.


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