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Anatomy of the Greatest American Crime

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The greatest crime since the JFK murder

First, a detailed list of the players:

The Establishment: Perfidious Democrat and Republican politicians, nefarious profiteers, Washington insiders, loyalist living off the state and federal dole (politicians & generational welfarians), Hollywood, crooked print and digital media, wealthy and soulless elites, and the crooked upper echelon of the F.B.I. and C.I.A. and law enforcement, and finally, wealthy, out of touch douche-bag sports celeb’s.

The Vacuous Drones: Mostly average Americans with a fairly remedial grasp as to the unprecedented accomplishments that this great nation has achieved throughout our brief history and even less knowledge as to the successes of the early American culture. Unfortunately, vacuous drones make up a significant portion of the population, more unfortunately, the fake news and the political propaganda is like gospel to them. They are the poor dipshits that go to vote, believing that there are actually two parties and they have some kinda choice.

You and Me: We are the vast population of thinkers, scattered throughout the nation, believing that there still might be a way to keep this shit together. We know the value of a homogenous culture and, like our ancestors, believe that it’s a cause worth dying for, mass inclusion and forced diversity will dilute and weaken any great empire or concept.

We simply resist the emasculation of our patriarchy, the sexualizing of our children, the generational welfare state, and the obliteration of our identity,

The real news

The real news is that every American should be outraged, Trumpophiles, Democrats, Republicans, and the Vacuous Drones. There is no way, like Biden or not, that anyone should believe that such a lame and ill-advised campaign garnered millions more votes than Obama, Clinton (both shitbirds), Regan, and more importantly, Trump.

The last time that the evil Establishment flexed their muscles in a desperate bid to change the course of history was when they assassinated John F. Kennedy. Are we all still just brainless imp’s, who’d better behave and just shut the f*ck up?

The media will tell you what you see, how dare you trust your lying eyes.

After four years of ridiculous and frantic attempts to remove Donald Trump from office and abysmally failing, a last-ditch coup was affected by leading Democrats, nefarious foreign agents, and slug-like creatures from the Establishment.

If not for the collusion of the media, vacuous drones and trusting Americans would view the Trump Presidency through an entirely new lens, an accurate one. A full-court press of negativity and salacious propaganda, conjured up by a fully complicit press and backed by wildly erroneous polls, paint the Trump administration as an incompetent failure.

Most American’s are completely oblivious to the fact that President Trump is one of, if not the, most popular Presidents in our history.

Anatomy of an American Fraud: The theft of a nation

The Establishment was rife with worry in 2016, they could only polish a crooked turd like Hillary so much, but they knew that they stood to lose billions if they ran with Crazy Bernie or God forbid, if Trump were to get elected.

The establishment had been extracting copious amounts of our nation’s wealth for over 30 years and slowly reducing the U.S. into a welfare state, flooding us with the third-world’s trash.

In 2016, the Donald Trump Presidency brought the criminal gravy train to a screeching halt, whether the new President was driven by ego, patriotism, or a bit of both, he would not buckle under to the thugs in the Establishment.

Contrary to the previous four American President’s, whose bolts were tightened by dark ominous overlords long before their Presidency, Trump owed no one or nothing and therefor, was free to repair the nation.

The Establishment swings wildly, and whiffs out.

  • The outgoing administration spies on Trump and attempts to trip-up the transition of power at every turn. This was not only disgusting, but it was a criminal act as well.
  • So-called Republicans, like warmongers George Bush and John McCain, publicly snubbed the newly elected President, joining Establishment counterparts in the disgraceful regency known as the never-Trumpers or R.I.N.O.’s.
  • President Trump made veterans a noticeably big priority, after receiving decades of lip-service and collecting dust in the corner. He was our first modern President to actually bring our guys home and put a definitive end to littering the desert with a diverse collection of corpses. This, however, created a target on his back, the Military-Industrial Complex had free reign from past Establishment figureheads to test new weapons and strategies, spending billions of taxpayer dollars and many American lives.
  • In concert, the media, entertainment, and Democrat empty suits would brand Trump a racist of magnanimous proportions, twisting every new minority death to further their unsubstantiated narrative. A blatant lie, that Biden even embellished upon, was that the President insisted that there were good people on the skinhead side of Charlottesville. Sleazy shit bags like Lawrence O’Donnell, ran an edited video, on his trash show, to slander and debase the President. Trump, however, is vindicated in the full version, the video records Trump admitting that there were good people on the anti-monument side and good people who were opposed to eradicating our heritage. The President routinely disavowed racist organizations.
  • Desperate to remove Trump and continue to appropriate American wealth, the Establishment, aided by a duplicitous media, with only doctored evidence, accused Trump of treason! Below rep. Eric Swallows (dick) makes outrageous and unverified claims!

More Establishment negligence

  • Pelosi and Schumer then attempted to impeach the President, armed with only fabrications, furthered by the press, and manufactured evidence, the dossier. Pelosi and Schumer would have never invented such wild and slanderous accusations had the press not covered them so significantly.

The Establishments preposterous exploits to remove Trump all but failed and at some point, they committed to defrauding the election. (Although the accusation isn’t substantiated, yet, there is a strong possibility that this was not the first race to be interfered upon.)

Possibly, the first signal to affirm that the coup was in play, began with a concerted effort to inform the American public that Trump may refuse to except election results. This indictment was based upon nothing, there wasn’t the slightest indication from the President that he may seek this option.

A slew of pundits and average Americans were bewildered at this claim, wondering what advantage Democrats were seeking by furthering this bizarre allegation. The media, however, clung on to it like the jaws of a rabid hyena does a zebra carcass.

The next monumental piece of evidence is derived from Democrats sudden insistence upon radically changing voter laws in several key states. They will constantly ramble on about minority voter suppression, insisting that any concern for I.D. is an assault on black and brown Americans.

The Democrats have seemed to be OK with inferring that blacks are too stupid and irresponsible to obtain I.D. or to vote in the traditional format.

Democrats suddenly began insisting upon mail-in voting, in-mass! The three vital issues that Biden and his cronies rallied around, ardently campaigning upon, were:

  1. Trump will not except election results, and we will have to evict him from the White House.
  2. We support an unprecedented, overwhelming mass of mail-in votes during this election.
  3. Trump is a racist, a misogynist, and he dissed the war dead!

That’s it, the sum total of Biden’s weak campaign was to lie about Trump whenever the camera was rolling, defend the need for mail-in votes, and repeatedly inform the public, Trump will not accept election results, he will not concede.

Bonus material

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