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America’s Return

Although the media is on a strict format, to keep these town hall meetings marginalized as being disrupted by fringe cuckoos, I subscribe to the belief that the public is smarter than that. American’s are piercing through the Medias high tech betrayal, and seeing the truth, despite desperate attempts by Matt Lauer, Chuck Todd, Kate Couric, Chris Matthews, and the rest of Obama’s press club.

President Obama’s indignant diatribes that reference the small groups of special interest opposition, in hopes of controlling public opinion, are laughable. Riding high on his messianic complex, he actually believed that he could barrel Obama-care right through the front door, and the people aren’t having it.

Healthcare is a long way down on the list of reasons why the President needs to institute this bill. He wants to go down in history as the man who implemented the structure that fundamentally brought the existing republic to its knees, replacing it with a socialist utopia. What he and the other liberal cosmonauts do not comprehend, is it’s been tried. It not only didn’t succeed, it failed miserably and usually ended in the violent death of millions along with economic collapse.

If the fear of Obama-care is not suffocating you, you better pay close attention, the mere fact that he is trying to replace the greatest healthcare system in the world should ring the first alarm bell. The elderly (unless wealthy) will suffer significantly, but will not be the only victim. Obama-care is designed to break the back of the middle class, both by taxation and insufficient care.

Under Obama’s oligarchy, there will be just two classes, the uber rich, and the rest of us. The rest of us will routinely be subjected to government mandated sterilization, perhaps by President Obama’s trusted science czar, John Holdren, who also believes mothers should have their babies removed and given to other couples better suited for child rearing. Of course, these are the children whose mothers weren’t forced to get an abortion, per government death panel. Read up on Holdren, he’s quite an interesting fellow, handpicked by President O.

Although Obama’s media minions have remained true to their marching orders, neglecting to warn us about his unelected, unmonitored czars, Americans are no longer asleep. Both democrat and republican representatives are getting concerned, albeit timidly and out of self preservation. These czars will play a prominent role in the government he is constructing, with Obama-care as the footstool. Liberal democrats and Hollywood have long since made appreciation for the flag and love of country sappy, but Americans are making a comeback, halleluiah!