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I can easily think of a multitude of greater causes to devote the federal government’s costly time and resources to, rather than the unscrupulous task of prosecuting the prior administration. Eric Holder’s witch hunt is a revolting waste of the taxpayer’s dime, but pales in comparison when measured up to President Obama’s weak admission of not being able to control his Attorney General.

The President leads us to believe that if it were up to him, he would “not look back”. On the other hand, not many people fear or respect him, but they usually reside in other countries. Thanks to our Presidents political pandering, to the anti-America movement, Hero’s are dying. We can no longer use every available option to save American lives, Obama’s regime somehow believes that the health and well being of an enemy sworn to annihilate us, trumps the safety of the American citizenry.

While murderous thugs will use any means necessary to destroy us, we must work within the guidelines of Obama’s strict politically driven agenda. Our President would rather lose thousands of American lives, than inflict the prospect of drowning on an enemy combatant. This begs the question, exactly what number of innocent American lives lost, would it take forcefully withdrawal information from a terrorist?

If our President is willing to sacrifice American lives for the vote of his left wing fringe constituents, it puts all his other questionable decisions in perspective. He wants to dramatically cut the military spending, lower our missile defense, install anti-Americans in powerful positions of government, with no culpability; this President stole 800 billion dollars to pay off all his supporters and to line the pockets of fat cat greasy politicians willing to pad his pillow with votes.

I mean c’mon democrats, this President is a dancing puppet for big business; doesn’t that go against your “Blue collar working man” theme? Americans are not all asleep, some democrats are awakening. People in general are realizing today’s politician’s are deadly parasites, willing to trade this republic for power. This is why there is such public disdain for this left wing radical President, yet almost no new support for his republican adversaries.

For far too long, two parties have taken us down the path to destruction, both claiming to be taking us slower than the other. They have both become consumed by big business, now shamelessly stealing our hard earned money, in some cases not even attempting to continue the façade of their virtuous ideology. Each has an entirely different gimmick, but the identical desired outcome. Both parties seek big government to control our lives, selling their souls to Wall Street, and believe Americans are too inept to control their own destiny. So if we are looking toward them to stop Obama from destroying this country, we’re mistaken.

Most people are under the impression that if America is attacked again it will prove the President is too weak on defense, oblivious to the fact that young men and women are dying now, due to his enemy appeasement policies. The enemy realizes we have our hands tied behind our backs and in Afghanistan this is now evident. Our forces must now second guess themselves so not to encroach upon the enemies newly established constitutional rights, per Obama.

The frightening facts are in; this young President is putting lives in peril. I scan the news every day for a glimpse of hope, a reason to stand behind my President. I can honestly say, without the fear of regret or reprisal, I long to shout these words, “Go get um Obama, don’t let um mess with us, we’re American!” These encouraging words, however, do not seem to fit the young President’s achievements up till now.


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