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American 2012

American 2012

The Men who established These United States of America would shudder at the sad state of decay this beautiful nation has been led onto; befuddled as to why we haven’t taken it back, by force if necessary. We have been conditioned by decades of propaganda telling us anyone who would abolish this government is a traitor, wing nut, and even unpatriotic. The founders were, for the most part, men of principle whose political life was governed not by their party, but by their beliefs. In many cases the Vice President did not agree with The Presidents agenda to say the least, unlike modern America’s circus monkey’s and lap dogs. Imagine Joe Biden railing against Obama’s handling of Libya or government forced health care.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty- Thomas Jefferson

Our founders were deathly afraid of tyranny and knew the perils of democracy , for the two grew hand and hand. And for the most part at the end of the day, no matter which side of an issue they fell upon, they could always agree with individual liberty, state sovereignty, and the distrust of a large centralized government. Even “Big Government” Alexander Hamilton would not concur with contemporary Americas precarious position. We’ve methodically relinquished our God given liberty for an assumed sense of security.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.-Benjamin Franklin

Pundit’s and politico’s have conservative’s railing against Barack Obama as if he were the driving force for the progressive mutiny against the Republic. While Obama might be a progressive demagogue, he is surely not much more. He is carrying the water for a much larger dark and sinister aristocracy. People like Glenn Beck warn the American public of the impending disaster every day, and while Beck gives a somewhat accurate analysis of the insidious insurrection, he falls flat (unassumingly) on its time line. Progressives aren’t at the gate, they are in the city; they are in our schools, state and federal government, academia, and our churches. They are using the media, both state run news and prime time television, and have their diabolical minions in Hollywood.

President Bush was a big government progressive, spending billions of tax payer dollars on two never ending foreign wars. He was sending out thousands of our men to die in the dirt, thus fortifying America’s global reach with wealth and power. Simply crushing Iraq and killing Saddam wasn’t enough, neither was the decimation of the Taliban, terrorism has been very lucrative for these past two Presidents. Bush simply saddled conservative’s in with the whole anti abortion, powerful military, tax cut (hmmm) rhetoric progressives republicans teach in the “how to lure in conservative’s for dummies” class. The progressive infrastructure is here.
The border/illegal infiltration:

There ought to be a temporary worker card that allows a willing worker and a willing employer, so long as there’s not an American willing to do that job, to join up.
conservative” President George Bush

So long as there’s not an American willing to do the work? That is a huge liberal fallacy. George Bush believes we should let people illegally enter this country, just so long as there’s an American who won’t do the work. Enough said? And then he goes on to say, “I don’t think we ought to reward illegal behavior.” There are several reasons progressive’s desire to infest The United States with illegal aliens; one to break the economy, bring us further toward a state dependent on government. The National Research Council states illegal perpetrators cost U.S. Tax payers over 350 billion dollars annually. Two, to create a dependent and reliable block of voters and continue to conquer and divide the citizenry through this pernicious agenda of multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism has been designed to deepen the divide in this country, while simultaneously stripping of of our culture. Illegals not only refuse to conform to the American culture,but we are being forced to adapt to their culture, IE: two languages. Our children are being taught less about History, Math, and heaven forbid English and more about accepting those who might be different; in color, tradition, sexual preference, physical appearance. And by different, who and what do they mean different from? Multiculturalism is a communist theory that is rendering our youth with absolutely no identity while saddling them with erroneous guilt. As progressives oppress us with multiculturalism, the rest of the world is finally fessing up to the fact that it is indeed a failure, destroying their country failure.

I declare to you that we are no longer homogenized and we are holding onto our concept of a nation by a perilously thin string. The rest of the world is warning us. Will we listen?
John Wayne Tucker

Our learning institutions have been degraded into progressive indoctrination pools, instead of a classical education our children are receiving a socialized liberal brainwashing. American history has been discarded because the goal of the elite is to inject our children with a global reverence and ultimately destroy any trace of traditional American values.
In California, lawmakers are sending a bill to the Governor that would force schools to recognize specifically the accomplishments of gay and lesbian people, as if being a homosexual had made their achievements any more substantial than lets say a person with a fetish for Korean men or English accents, people with one eye, albino’s, heterosexuals, and on and on. The message parades itself as tolerance, but only cloaks a more sinister agenda against conservative principles.

Groups such as Brookline Pax are railing against the Pledge of Allegiance in schools because they say it adversely affects diversity, tolerance, and get this, Patriotism! These attacks on Americanism in schools are not just some random occurrence, they are a calculated assault on liberty and tradition. Progressives across the nation are effectively unwinding everything America is about and making it unrecognizable, while parents are just ignorantly grateful to have a babysitter for their children 8 hours a day.

The education system is the primary recruiting ground for these progressive globalist, because they can mold these young minds to hate their country with impunity. They prey on the realization that a large number of parents are oblivious and a significant number more are just plain morons who don’t treasure their children a the blessing in which they are.
Common Sense:
The media both print and cable, Hollywood, and our elected politicians have concluded that the American public has abandon all common sense. So much so we can actually plant a tomato, watch that tomato grow, and even eat that tomato; but if they tell us it’s a lemon some people will actually believe it, it could be debated for years! Our founders very aware of the perils that accompany a big government, and now we are mangled in this not so covert tyranny. Even federalist of the time, could imagine the dangers of an over reaching government, and their warnings were went unabated.

The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, selfappointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”- James Madison

Progressive’s have been conducting an all out assault on thefounders as well as the constitution itself, since before the early 20thcentury they have been trying desperately to make these intricate parts of liberty less relevant. 1776 wasn’t that long ago, what diluted self-importance 21stcentury minds have in pronouncing that the constitution and early American values are antiquated. Yet, they still cling to the erroneous claim that Darwin is cutting edge and somehow still applicable. Americans are convoluted and just as much to blame as the progressive aristocracy.
A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.”-Alexander Hamilton
Barack Obama is a dictator, his policies and those of his regime are illegal and unconstitutional, just as his progressive predecessorhe continues to extinguish our liberties and we raise our hands, shrug our shoulders. George Bush’s Patriot Act which was approved with unanimous bipartisan support, and literally defecates on our Bill of Rights; going to show tyrannical government knows no side of the isle. The Act allows government to use a wide variety of unconstitutional tools to get information on terrorist, unfortunately the meaning of terrorist is defined by an unrestrained government. A good place to start is by not purposely letting terrorist in the country to begin with.
Barack Obama, among many other violations, has forced a healthcare bill through that’s finally being recognized by our Supreme Court. While America desperately needs to alter the cluster bungle called healthcare, it does not need to simultaneously devour our liberties. While Obama railed against his predecessor’s troubling decisions, rallying liberal’s across the country, he has maintained all of Bush’s policies. Go Figure.
The only way American’s will survive with our liberty intact is to strip the government as we know it and refute it’s power. The founders were never more relevant than they are right now, they were geniuses and they the foretold of this precarious outcome. We have allowed progressive’s to shame our founders and portray them as liars and hypocrites. Americans must fight this communistic agenda by changing things in your schools, churches, and local government. Will Americans fight for thier country?