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America the Expendable

Secretary of state czarina, Hillary Clinton has confirmed that the Obama communist machine will not only waste tax payer money supporting Syrian rebels(12 million more), but is also contemplating military support to topple the Assad dictatorship. Lessons in Libya long forgotten, I guess. Our media and the currant regime would like us to believe that we are defending democracy, when in fact we’ve been contributing to the birth of an unforgiving radical Islamist consolidation. The theatrical narration seems to be that we are supporting the liberty loving oppressed, when in fact we are installing governments more murderous than the previous ones. At least we knew where we stood with Gaddafi and Hosne Mubarak.

As tyrannical as Assad seems to be, he is in no way worse than the rebels who are vying to replace him. As a matter of fact, one of the potent recurring themes seems to be the suffocating persecution of Christians in these regions. In Syria Christians enjoyed a some what protected status under the Assad government, as did other minorities. Now, the Obama backed rebels are slaughtering these followers of Christ, brutally, and in some cases using woman and children as human shields. So far over 50,000 Christians have been expelled from Homs alone as this ethnic cleansing continues to increase. Our President is somehow justifying our support for the rebels as a humanitarian effort, what about the wholesale genocide being executed on the Christians and other innocent victims?

Christians are being kidnapped and their homes are being confiscated by the al-Qaeda linked rebels, by confiscate I mean stolen, never to be redeemed. The lucky ones are being told to leave immediately as opposed to being raped, executed in front of their children, or vice versa. Human Rights Watch has reported opponents of the rebels are being Kidnapped, tortured, and executed, not only the Christians. Christians have been discarded, murdered, and extremely brutalized during this so-called Arab spring. Christians have survived for over 2000 years Iraq, but during the invasion they were preyed upon by various factions and many were forced to seek safety in Syria, better put your sneakers back on.

While America continues to battle an economic down turn, how on Earth do we support our President freely throwing billions of our dollars to support ethnic cleansing, murderous factions, and terrorist in the Middle East and North Africa. Do you realize as we speak, Obama has sent combat troops to Africa, so along with billions spent for humanitarian aid, we are also spending American lives in project Police the World. Our President is using our money and our men for his personal agenda. So after you read this, go back to what you were doing and continue to do nothing.

Glock Russman