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America, Land of the Free?

The thirteenth amendment, officially abolished slavery, ending years of heartless abuse, indignity, and utter tragedy. December 6th 1865, Americans determined that “Neither slavery or involuntary servitude….Shall exist with in The United States.” This long over due day in history, did not quell discrimination, hatred, or bigotry, but it did however, conclude that no American will ever own another…. Or did it?

I contend, that the liberal democrats, are a collection of the largest and most powerful slave owners in history. Over the years, the liberals have enslaved minorities and the poor, with an especially tight grip on the African American community. By infiltrating academia with poisonous propaganda, the malcontent mind begins shortly after birth. (As the progressive liberal will seek to indoctrinate our children earlier and earlier, first it was pre-school)

The New Slavery, is an economical, psychological, and physiological bondage, perpetrated by white liberal elites, in order to secure an enormous voting block of helpless people. These wealthy liberal elites enlist what I refer to as enablers, people from lower to middle class (democrats). These do gooders, made up of various colors and nationalities, believe that the government exist to provide people health care and a moral and economical axiom.

The new slave handlers tell the black community, “ The state is your only friend, and you can’t get a fair shake.” They enlist other people of color, to make you believe you owe your race recognition. For example, Jim Brown (ex-football player, currant activist) recently explained how Tiger Woods was a “mamajama” and a “real killer”, however, Tiger was “terrible” when it came to his social responsibility. Are you kidding me? First of all Tiger’s mother is Asian and his father is both black and white. Why is it that Jim Brown insist Tiger only give back to the African American community? This is why, when a person of color succeeds, he becomes the property of biased social agenda, he is forced to “give back” or be subjected to ridicule and disdain. How is that freedom? Black children are stigmatized to only look up to other black people, when in truth, we should encourage our children to look up to people of good character, regardless of race.

One of the most humiliating forms of ridicule comes when a person who is black is suspected of “acting white”. This is a form of chastising created to discourage someone from changing into a person that makes the chastiser feel insecure. These wicked new captors rely on inventing caricatures out of our black youth, such as the “gangsta” syndrome, this shameful tactic puts young lives in jeopardy and tares families apart. They insist that the black community is a victim of a racist society that doesn’t want them to succeed. In truth society is racist and bigoted, but from every side, it is the human condition.

I may be the only person in America who believes Michael Jackson should have the benefit of the doubt, assuming the facts we know are credible; he was found innocent in a court of law. Now that MJ has passed, bugs are crawling out of the woodwork, letting everyone know just how important he was to them. One in particular, is Jamie Foxx, who contends that facts are erroneous, because Michael was a black man. On the studious platform of BET, Black Entertainment Television, Foxx insisted Michael was a black man on loan, “We let you borrow him for a little while” Foxx said. In life Jackson was an individual, in every sense of the word; now in death, the collective “We”, have to give him back.

In reality, minorities as well as the poor are socially conservative and hold strong values such as anti-abortion, pro-family, hard work, fair play, and yes, a belief in Christ. Unfortunately fear, anger, and ignorance are the common results of tireless preconditioning, perpetrated by liberals. One of the biggest fallacies is the concept of white male racism, especially when it pertains to the corporate world: slimy huckster’s would sell their mothers down the river for a piece of gold, do really believe they care what color a person is, if they can make a dime off you? In a world where first is the only place, money is the only comfort, and power is the only love, race and creed take a back seat. (Although ignorant people of all races continue to make a good case for discrimination.)

Socialist white liberal elites concocted black pride to limit black individuality; the very same people started affirmative action to stoke anger, resentment, and fear within the white race. Conservative black voices, like Thomas Sowell and Alan Keyes, are marginalized and trivialized by the state run media,(NBC ABC CNN etc.) to keep government stereotypes alive. They have made it impossible to just get by, there is an enormous block of citizens (both black and white etc.)who struggle to make ends meat, making too much for government assistance and making too little to survive. Liberals have successfully divided America along racial, economical, and social lines.

“The people who take this view may think of themselves as friends of blacks. But they are the kinds of friends who can do more harm than enemies.” By Thomas Sowell who wrote “Black Rednecks and White Liberals,”

Under the impression that we are free, new slave owners prosper posing as our our only hope, this is done by careful design. They are systematically stealing more of our freedoms, day by day. They cleverly outlaw and marginalize our faith, and smile watching us trade freedom for a false sense of security. They enslave our children, chaining their feet to the heavy burdensome rock of mediocrity. The wicked prospect of human ownership has only been altered by the thirteenth amendment, we will continue to be slaves until we wake up. Under the assumption that we must celebrate our particular race, no matter the race, we will continue to play right into their hands. Christians must realize, that we are Christians first, we owe our life to Christ, we should know this. We must fight for our lives to exist as followers of Christ, yet we are drawn into identity politics like mindless lemmings, this will ensure our bondage and servitude forever.


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Adder Puff