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I am honored to be white, am I racist?

As I am reluctantly pulled further from my thirties, I begin to shed the interest and beliefs that previously held such significance in my life.  I began placing value on subjects that until now had existed outside of my scope. The most significant new concern in my life, which garners my attention, is the current campaign against straight white males waged by the political left.

By “LEFT”, I mean Democrats, liberals, radical gays, feminist, and opportunity-seeking racial agitators. I must admit that this hatefully charged assault on white men by the left has encouraged me to research my history and that of the West. As a result, I’ve never been more grateful and honored to identify with the architects of the most advanced civilization to walk the Earth.

The lefts mission is to exterminate white culture which has served as the bulwark against hedonism and Barbary.  The left’s ideology does much to support its greater mission, attain an unrelenting and irreversible grip on power by whatever means necessary.

I have written several papers that detail the actual “means” that have been mercilessly employed by the left; however, this short article will illustrate the artificial dichotomy that the left has programmed into popular culture.  It has been politically expedient for the radical leftwing movement to equate racism and white supremacy with one’s extreme love and admiration for the white race and Western Civilization.

Most Americans with European heritage will wrench their head left and right before whispering, “ I am very proud of my heritage and my culture, advances from the West have advanced the world, giving hope and safety to the world’s most vulnerable.”

Prior to the catastrophic 1965 Immigration and Naturalization act the majority of the immigrants entering the U.S. were white Europeans, excited to engage and contribute to the world’s most liberated and promising Nation.

Many of these fellow Europeans met with resistance and bigotry, however, their innate characteristic of self-determination drove them from a struggling under-dog class into the next generations of prosperous proponents of liberty and freedom.

The United States of America, prior to 1965, was an advancing nation of immigrants, white European immigrants.  This was a time of natural cohesion and the fear of sporadic enclaves of people that were loyal to a foreign government or seething with anti-American sediment was almost entirely remote.

Am I Racist?

  1. I adamantly disagree with unearned and undeserved monetary reparation for any race of American, black or Indian. I have struggled at times to feed my family, why the hell should I fork over any percentage of my vast fortune or priceless gems to people that have as much to do with slavery as I do. Nothing at all! (claims of wealth may be exaggerated)
  2. I vehemently contend that minorities shouldn’t reap any collegiate benefit because they have brown skin, I argue that ANY skin color or ethnicity should not propel one any further along in any facet of academia.
  3. Forced integration of differing races by the government is blatantly un-American; people have the right to raise their children among those that assimilate with their specific culture. Integration should be voluntary for every FREE American.
  4. Americans should excel in the free market strictly based on their merit and performance value in any company.
  5. America is NOT a third world melting pot, it never was and should cease increasing to be,  I find it difficult discovering any country with a majority of brown people that are forced and guilted into integrating bottom of the barrel whites into their nation.
  6. It can’t be denied that the United States was envisioned and created by the blood of European males escaping tyranny.

I look at the dark de-evolution of the former Golden State and sign with disappointment; California now houses a majority of the countries homeless. It’s difficult to understand Gov. Gavin Newsome’s feverish need to financially support illegal aliens while actual citizens of the United States languish in poverty on his inhospitable city streets.

I believe that California is the prime example of all the lefts hopes and aspirations coming to fruition.  I fear this and it makes me sad, before you know it California will be occupied by Hispanic people and the language will be 100% Espanola.  I believe that this is a travesty.

I don’t diminish anyone of any color, I am just proud of my own identity. It is my contention that white males, in particular, should be doing more to advance Western culture and white people. We’ve given 350 million people the most exquisite and compassionate nation on Earth,  Am I Racist?

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