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In recent months I have done my fair share of “voicing my opinion” about the Barack Obama Presidency; with good reason. I feel adequately justified in believing that he is the most radically left leaning, thus detrimental, President ever to hold office, in The United States. With that said, Barack Obama isn’t the end all be all in defining the decline of the American civilization.

In recent months, the Obama glow has illuminated what I lament-fully refer to as Amerika (The United States Post Obama) In Amerika, we have two main political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. The Amerikan Demokrats are a corrupt gaggle of politicians that race like lemmings toward whatever position their leader leans. These party over principle shysters, are so content with implementing Obama’s socialist agenda, that we are losing our blessed Republic at lightning speed. These “people” have put our nation in peril, without so much as a whisper of dissension. They basically spit in the face of all the people that they are supposed to represent, placating the President and all the special interest groups and big money lobbyist.

As their Messiah lowers our missile defenses, nationalizes our healthcare, cowers to North Korea, tries to cut veterans health care, prints money, drives us into recession with bailouts, etc. These sniveling rats just wait in line for their chunks of government cheese. One culprit that comes to mind would be Barney”The sloth” Frank, a greedy soulless man who helped engineer the implosion of the housing market. Chris “ Connecticut is too ignorant to know better” Dodd his cohort, with his sweetheart deals from country wide. I suppose as long as Obama looks the other way, these Demokrats will fall in line, regardless of the destruction it causes.
The other party, the Republikan’s, are too impotent to matter, more often than not, they seem satisfied with a Presidential pat on the head. “Yes boy, I know your there, now go fetch a stick”. These hapless souls were ousted by demokrats, when they too were power drunk and became big money spenders. When they had the chance to separate and define themselves as the party of principle and limited government, they found the money too enticing. Now they sit on the side lines while Obama brokers deals with his Demokrats to release photo’s of our soldiers abusing, as he utterly annihilates “Democracy” with government controlled health care, he’s literally devouring our liberty with government control of the free market.

Barack Obama may be the face of Amerika, but it we can’t ignore the other players, like NBC. This wing of the government manipulated media, is perhaps the most blatantly revolting. Chuck Todd, serves as our President’s personal lap dog, I have personally witnessed him report on Obama as if he is his personal press agent. Americans (Not Amerikans) who are not so enthusiastic about the 44th President’s Reich, would need to take action against these foot soldiers: ABC, NBC, CNN, liberal Hollywood, and all our local and state officials who are busy cashing in on this up and coming totalitarian regime.

This nation is rich in tradition and value, but is in a battle for its very existence. The only answer for this onslaught is to find common patriots, in both parties. We can start by becoming aware of this travesty at ABC, the Presidents infomercial, By all accounts the All Barack Correspondence (ABC) is not allowing any opposing points of view to his government run healthcare. This brings me to the last group of people responsible for this countries demise. I have come to the conclusion that the most insidious crop of support comes from the common dolt, the ignorant groupie, who holds no concept of the American way, and who is unconscious to this mind numbing tragedy. These people, for the most part, absolutely disagree with President Obama, on all the important issues, but insist he is a good President. They cannot produce a single difference or variance between George Bush, Barack Obama, or Bill Clinton. It is amazing, they know zero about their President, and will absolutely embarrass themselves trying to defend him, but not his policies.