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Alexander V.

2019 is an unprecedented moment in time. The left, compelled by a defiant sense of self-righteous indignation against any forces suggesting accountability, is brazenly attempting to overturn a democratically elected leader, Donald J. Trump.

Who is the left?

The Left is a compilation of numerous organizations including these mover’s and shakers: anti-American white liberals, big-government Democrats and Republicans, radicals (LGBTQ, Hispanics, blacks, feminist), non-religious Jews, communist, socialist and enviro-radical-retards.

Many of those that claim to support causes on the political right have been silent while our country teeters on the edge of oblivion facing our enemy, the most sinister aggressor in our young existence.

This tragic realization has affected the lives of us at AV. Veritas, huge Mike, legless Fran, and me. This site is our contribution toward exposing the left’s war on the West.

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