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Abortion… The crime of the Century

This is where conservatives lose a lot of steam, abortion. This subject has been debated and debated; republicans believe this issue scares off a lot of other wise persuadable independents. This may be true, but when one compromises his principles in order to capture power, then one would be defined as a liberal. Abortion is a savage proposition, touted by the left wing as a woman’s rights issue. The left wing has politicized this horror and it has manifested into a tool of contention scarring off skidish independents.. I say who cares!

(people want to follow a man or woman who remains true to his or her convictions, the abortion issue will not keep people from supporting an honest candidate who refuses to play Washington’s games of race baiting, semantics, and pop-politics.)
Abortion terminates a life that inconveniences a mother, it is murder made convenient by simple geography. If that same four month fetus were out of the womb living in an incubator with 100% chance of survival and a doctor decided to dismember it with a scalpel, that doctor would go to jail. Can a fetus feel pain? First of all, with something so vital wouldn’t we want to error on the side of caution. It has been detailed that a fetus of only eight weeks can recognize pain, research has gone so far as to describe changes in heart rate and movement when a fetus has been prodded with a needle in its palm.
Would we encourage a woman three weeks pregnant to accept a multimillion dollar contract to fight in a UFC cage brawl? Most likely no. We would suggest, at the very least, that she was acting irresponsible. Would you gasp in horror if you were to watch a visibly pregnant woman do a belly flop off of a diving board? Yet there are people that claim just because a human life has not exited the womb, it can be subjected to a brutal end at the hand of a physician. Let’s put our common sense hats on for a moment and forget about politics. Let’s consider a woman who is three months pregnant. This woman is going to have an abortion, but before she does she is asked to view an ultra sound of her impending child. The ultra sound reveals the typical information, it shows the fetus bouncing around, its tiny human profile, and she hears its heartbeat. Now the doctor then explains to the would be mother that if she has the child, he knows of a wonderful family that would love to adopt it. Would that woman have a few doubts about what she is prepared to do? Maybe. But, isn’t that tiny bit of doubt, enough to say, “This just might be wrong.”
The first lesson my boss explained to me in the car business was“perception is reality” This phrase is also true as it pertains to abortion. When a woman who is three months pregnant miscarries, it is a painstaking event, in most cases the family already knows and she may have even discussed names. It is heartbreaking. However, if a woman who is three months pregnant decides to get an abortion, she is a contemporary woman of the 21st century expressing her rights. Somethings wrong.
The issue of abortion has been championed by the liberal democrat party for years and they have won quite a few votes exploiting this unfortunate situation. The liberal democrat machine is concerned with votes from their white liberal elitist moon-bats. Masquerading as though their not apathetic to the whole ordeal, like their on the side of womanhood. Yet, they show no concern for documented damage an emotional hell that overwhelms a young woman when she realizes there was a little life inside of her.