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A Glimpse of Democracy

The democrat party, which has been overthrown by leftist radicals, has this Nation on its head. In particular the state of Connecticut is a microcosm of just how nefarious the over reaching hand of help has become. For years liberal democrats have molested the vital liberties of every citizen in the so called Constitution State, to the point that we no longer represent the Republic that this Nation was intended to be. Any citizen in Connecticut that doesn’t recognize this treasonous derangement of government by the democrat party, is either a state worker, member of the union, lobbyist, corrupt big business, or a plain garden variety idiot.

Dannel Malloy, the Governor of Connecticut is unabashedly unleashing the new democratic fascism of his comrades, right here in the Constitution State. Today, Friday July 1st, Connecticut residents have been hammered by the largest tax increase in state history. This at a time when families are struggling to scrap by and businesses are undergoing a mass exodus to higher ground. For decades fascist progressives have ruled by this profile, tax, regulate, and socialize, Malloy ardently tows the party line.
Malloy is part of an elite apparatus which seek to enslave the lower class, they have created an infrastructure that keeps the poor dependent on them while pressing the heel of the boot on the back of the middle class. The intention, to implement a society where the elites govern the masses and the masses are serfs. Under the false pretense of democracy we are being told we have choices, but under the corrupt hand of progressive politicians, both choices are in name only.

Although just about every pseudo politico ensures their ignorant onlookers that we are a democracy, we are not. At least we weren’t intended to be. Our founders created a republic after studying the governments throughout history, they understood that democracies ultimately led to tyranny. When societies were governed by a democracy they inevitably slipped into a mob rule. A majority of idiots is none more intelligent than a handful. Democracies are subjected to whims and disinformation, while a republic’s people are governed by laws. When a democracy unravels the fabric of society and chaos ensues, the unfortunate public cry’s for law and order, they soon find themselves begging for order. This order is always implemented through a totalitarian state.