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What’s a beautiful woman doing in a place like this?

Excuse me, your thoughts on gen·tri·fi·ca·tion?
It’s me or skinny minnie. I choose to be plus size
Gee, I wonder where she stands on Brexit ?

Re-Constructing the Woman for 2019

In twenty nineteen, radical feminist on the left will have voraciously dedicated over 60 years to their project of redefining the female personification.

What actually initiated the cultural shift, inspiring a considerable number of short-haired female nerds to become an outspoken movement? (There was a fair share of hot woman frugally sprinkled throughout the movement as well)

My good buddy Primo theorizes that L.S.D. induced, dirty hippies of that generation were to blame.

These men traded in their machismo for a pair of bell bottoms and an estrogen-infused bag of weed. This angered a significant number of women who felt abandoned by strong men, after becoming accustomed to his natural propensity to take charge.

Hey babe your the boss

If bike mechanic Bill neglects to make tough decisions and no longer offers any security, instead he opts to share a cry and lets her choose the movie, then no wonder she spins off the rails. Multiply time by sixty years!

Twenty nineteen introduces us to the newest model of a woman, crafted and retooled by the radical left, she is supposed to be revered for her empowering courage, intelligence, and inner strength, and we’re not supposed to check out her boobs.

A Man who may be contemplating a relationship with a female will always refer to his biological check list, nice butt, cute smile, tone boobies, and a down to earth pleasant nature.

However, the artificial Democrat narrative describes a woman’s attractive qualities as intelligent, strong-willed, and independent, placing physical beauty as arbitrary less important quality.

It turns out that my buddy Spence has all those qualities, making him a well-regarded friend. When I look for a romantic partner however, I appraise her almost purely according to her physical attributes.

Women almost always base their acceptance of a suitor entirely on physical attraction, but will occasionally accept an asexual cave troll if he is rich and powerful.

The reader shouldn’t walk away thinking that a woman’s intelligence, inner strength, or courage are not substantial qualities to have when she competes for a man. Let’s say two women are both “knock outs” and I can’t choose between them, that’s when one of those other attributes can be used as a “tie breaker”.

The left and radical feminism are supporting cultural femicide, attempting to remake or simply marginalize the courageous mother’s who are willing to stay at home, strong supportive wives, and physically endowed women everywhere.

This guy doesn’t have any need for “Woman 2.0”, like millions of other men I am satisfied with the original model.


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