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What Democrats don’t Want You to Know

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Democrats read the tea leaves very early on, Trump was an outsider who would smash the long-standing corrupt establishment. The voracious Machine of the Left has operated for decades with impunity, protected by like-minded mutineers from the Deep State.  

Democrat’s unholy alliance to the Hard Left was seemingly unstoppable, they controlled merely every news outlet in the digital media as well as print.

Diabolically they’ve extracted votes from millions of unsuspecting American’s swayed by the Left’s insidious and perpetual campaign of disinformation and propaganda. Ingeniously, the Left, a heartless cabal of wealthy white plutocrats, has managed to convince average American’s that they are the party of compassion, fairness, and equality.

What the Dem’s Don’t Want You To Know

The Democrat establishment and the Left, in general, have basically remained untouched and free to stoke the fires of racial tension, profiteer millions from Insider deals, brutally suppress minority groups(blacks most significantly), and traffic young children, globally, to satisfy the sick fetishes of wealthy uber-elites.

The election of the 45th President, Donald J. Trump, touched them in a big way, it stretched out and slapped the shit from their trembling lips. Since that very moment, Democrats have worked feverishly attempting to sack Trump by any means possible.

But Alex, why?

At the very least, the Left believes that a reelected Donald Trump will replace crotchety ole Ginsburg and irrevocably alter the bent of the Supreme court. The Left rightly believes that just this lone act will undo a tremendous degree of social change that they have so vehemently fought to establish since the ’60s. (which has been like a virus stripping its host of dignity and scruples).

The Left also believes that President Trump, like Lincoln before him, will finally free blacks in America, who have served as misdirected hostages, condemned to mire in failure while forfeiting their vote and their future to exalt the Democrat Party.

The Left is terrified that Trump may awaken Whites from the self-loathing slumber that has emasculated their young men, stifled their exceptionalism and guilted them into cultural suicide.

The left is relying upon mass unvetted immigration of third world neer-do-wells to entirely change the voting demographic, Dem’s will only have to hand out smokes and condoms to capture guaranteed votes. This treasonous operation will unequivocally be at risk with another 4 years of Trump.

The Left is desperate, thus engaging in a treasonous coup to unseat the President is a risk that they believe they must take.

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