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2011 Big F@%*ing Lie

We stare angrily at our television sets, frustrated by the choreographed dueling dance of our one party system. Although the actors execute the script light years above let’s say pro wrestlers, they also require a much higher pay-grade. Whether our politicians chose to admit it or not they serve the same master, big government. This is discouraging, but even more disturbing is the fact that most Americans refuse to see it. It’s all a big lie, at the end of the day these politicians take off their mask and hold hands. They honestly believe we are ignorant serfs. In the beginning of the American experiment, politicians believed so ardently in their causes that their blood would boil with disdain for their opponent.
The pseudo debt ceiling battle will be hauntingly reminiscent of the last stimulus raping. It will be rammed through with inconceivable fury, no time to look at the details, and in doing so it will spare the culpability for both so-called parties. In Washington there is no accountability, just bandits looting our wealth and crippling our society. Both republicans and democrats look at the populace merely as unenlightened cattle, as farming beast for profit and social engineering.
The arguments in Washington are dishonest and misleading, I have never witnessed a President lie and manipulate with such reckless abandon as Mr. Obama. President Obama is giving billions of dollars to Pakistan directly off the backs of the American tax payer. Small businesses are vaporizing and the middle class is being violently assaulted by a government who believes liberties are only endowed to the elite rich ruling class. Why are we, the tax payer, slaving to support our enemies? Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, and even China. We owe China trillions of dollars but the American tax payer coughs up billions to the big red country for humanitarian aid every year.
If our politicians could be stopped from pouring billions and billions of dollars into other nations we could revamp our entitlement programs and invest in small businesses. It’s as if the fire department is burning down while the fire fighters are using their water to extinguish camp fires that lazy campers just decided to leave burning; they don’t really need to do it and pretty soon they won’t be able to help anyone because the fire house will have burnt down. We need to get our military out of the middle east, there is no direct threat to our sovereignty, but Obama is letting our soldiers die in the sand for political leverage. He lied about the wars to get in office and he will use them to stay in office.

If you wipe the sand from your eyes, you will see that our one party system does not care if our country implodes, they are encouraging it. You can’t seriously believe that we are handing out this nations wealth to other countries while seniors can’t afford their prescriptions and our politicians remain oblivious. It’s all a big lie. These politicians have no clue what it is like to not be able to stroke a check for $6500 just to continue to carry a low budget health care plan. The big government apparatus is nearly unbreakable and this is why we must elect common sense small government politicians to office. It may be too late, is our only choice revolution? Violence? This Republic of ours was created by a small number of great people, the majority of the population was either too near sided or too uneducated or just plain dumb. We haven’t much more time to protect the great American experiment.