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2/5/2020 In the News

Streisand Loves her some Adam Schiff

Ghastly old bag, Barbara Streisand, can’t get her enough Schiff and publically conveyed her lustful obsession via Twitter. “Adam Shiff is so impressive. His knowledge of the law…His passion…His articulateness.”

Get a room, Babs!

I hope you like women you Jewish Hulk!

Now this obvious play toward the weasel-like Schiff certainly doesn’t indicate that Streisand wants to adopt an African love-child with him, but doesn’t mean it’s off the table either.

Impeachment Sham over… for now…/ Pelosi loses struggle for Composure.

Even without the support of the rogue Mormon, Mitt Romney, the President was acquitted by the Senate, thus signaling the close of a very ugly chapter is partisan politics. Rumors are swirling that the Dem’s are so terrified of a second Trump term that they are already meeting in an undisclosed location to plan round two.

A frustrated Nancy Pelosi, cursed by abnormally short arms, is unable to reach the President and pull his hair, so she takes the next best childish action and rips up the President’s speech. Rumors are swirling that Nancy is such a decrepit weakling that her copy of the speech was partially pre-ripped so she could avoid a moment that was even more potentially embarrassing.

and I’ll rip that shit up again homeboy

Jay-Z & wife Beyonce snub America to prove that they’re still black?

Mystified as to how an ugly goon like Jay Z can nab a supposed fox like Beyonce? You’ll be more befuddled when seeing these two obvious American success-stories sit for the National Anthem. Rumors are swirling that the street cred for the couple took a hit when Jay Z failed to stand firmly behind Kaepernick, after buying his way into the NFL.