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When Murder just isn’t enough: In 1973 women were granted the authority to kill and in 2019 the power to decide their child’s gender. What’s next?

Crazy doctor granted authority to make son a girl.

When gay marriage began its rapid ascent into the norms of popular culture, Americans that opposed the peculiar act had argued that the ruling would open a can of worms. Would we eventually legalize other bizarre love unions or cultural taboos?

Many Americans viewed the acceptance of homosexuality, which is a biological anomaly, as a deviation from the natural processes that have advanced mankind and civilized our culture.

In 2019 our worst fears have become shockingly real as a seven-year-old boy risks becoming a casualty of social engineering. Jeff Younger, the child’s concerned father, is desperately fighting a losing battle to spare his son from transitioning a little girl.

A few short decades ago, to suggest that a young boy would be subjected to this degree of irreversible damage would be considered absurd.

Sadly, it’s the boy’s own mother who’s selfishly severing his masculinity and dramatically altering the poor kid’s entire life, although she claims that her son, James, has been outwardly opining to be a Barbie since the age of four. A seven-year-old shouldn’t be responsible for anything more complex than keeping his sheets dry.

The father, who’s a better man than me, refrained from totally fucking losing it and reached out to the courts for some assistance snapping his demented ex-wife back into reality. The jury would surely right this ship and halt it from careening to oblivion.

Fat chance, the jury ruled against Younger 11 to 1, deciding to award the child’s mother with sole custody. The judge, Kim Cooks, finally intervened and ruled that the father was to share equal joint conservatorship, thus making medical and psychological decisions subject to the approval of each parent.

This is hardly a victory though, unlike the child’s mother, Mr. Younger has been silenced by a gag order which prevents him from garnering public support to save his son. The boy’s mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, remains at liberty to continue manipulating little James into believing that he is a girl.

Dr. Anne Georgulas

Georgulas is a pediatrician, this crazy bitch specializes in treating children. It’s disturbingly ironic that a scorned narcissist bent on revenge, who is clearly complicit in the psychological abuse of her child, is being entrusted to intimately engage children as a paid profession.

On her business website, the mad doctor poses with her son James, who just happens to be sporting a beautiful pink dress.

child abuse

This story will quickly evaporate into the dark digital memory hole, cycling out of the national news like the thousands prior.

However, the threshold has been breached, the manipulated masses have been conditioned to believe that it’s acceptable for a woman to change her child’s gender, especially if it’s only a male.

Just think, only a few short decades ago women were just discovering their independence, free from the shackles of biology and human history. Remember how exciting it was to kill an unborn baby, just cause? Well sure the shine has diminished. However, in 2019 women’s rights have further evolved with the authority to change their child’s gender, just cause. So now she can take half of your assets and if you piss her off she will castrate your darling little boy.

What’s next?