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Beto the Beta: The candidate who started out hot and rapidly retarded his trajectory to sub-zero is praying that these senseless deaths will be his ticket to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Beto, the Democrat diva

You know that Beto is thinking that this tragedy, as it is being reported, is just what he needs to get his pathetic ass back polling again. As one of the official Democrat diva’s, O’Rourke will receive full cooperation by all the earwig anchor’s like Joe Scarborough, in the controlled national media.

On the day of the killing in El Paso, the first talking point to surface on the national news was the suspect’s peaceful surrender, without incident.  News anchors repeatedly stressed the fact that the suspect was alive and in deditionem venerunt in pace.

After countless reports, you almost expected the anchors to say, “What the fuck, this bastard was too chickenshit to off himself or commit suicide by cop.” On FOX, one commentator referred to the suspect as a coward.

In other news, the alleged shooter in Dayton Ohio is a devout leftist who supports the socialist Democrat party, but pocket vagina’s like Beto O’Rourke and the other Democrat swine are too busy riding the “Dump Trump” train to let that info leak out.

The alleged event in El Paso has really come at an opportune time, not only for Beta but for the rest of the socialist running for President. Supposedly, the white male that allegedly carried out this massacre has conveniently left behind a manifesto which couldn’t be better democrat fodder if it was written by Beta himself.

The Democrat party is fortunately in collusion with the national media, so whatever the “so-called” manifesto doesn’t cover, they will enthusiastically create and doctor to effectively manipulate the unassuming American public.

What aDiva, all this with only 6 free acting lessons

After watching Beto capitalize on the latest round of whole-sale slaughter in El Paso I was perplexed, I seriously question the mental stability of anyone who would be swayed by his fakery & aversion to the truth.

What a diva that Beto is, molto buona

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