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11 random non anti-Semite Confessions

11 confessions of a non-Jew
I must really preface this small rant by qualifying my seemingly narrow scope. Firstly, I don’t hate Jewish peoples (per say) or any other group, by definition. Oddly enough, the same doesn’t apply for what group I inherently support, without so much as an inquisitive peep. Up until this moment I blindly supported Israel and the Jewish movement, no questions asked, why? What was the reason for my whole sale unwavering support of the Jew?
The thing is, I never really gave it much consideration. I have more reason to be anti-Jew than pro-Jew, after all they did kill Jesus? As a participating member of a monotheist religion, Christianity, aren’t I to believe that Jewish people are sharing the same hell-bound bus as the Muslims? Why do so many of my brethren support a religion not only contrary to ours, but one that directly had a hand in crucifying the Son of God?
Now in the realm of Christianity there resides a (sect?) known as Zionist. Briefly, Christian Zionist enthusiastically support the notion of A Jewish State, Israel to be precise. Where Jews from the four corners of the Earth must rally, as a prerequisite to the returning Messiah and ensuing the Apocalypse. Until all these Jews are collected we’re just spinning our wheels, I guess. It’s not like they drop the property value of the neighborhood?
Even Glenn Beck, whose a Mormon, is overtly tied at the hip with the Jewish zeitgeist. Beck has shed tears on multiple occasions when defending the Jewish peoples. I must admit though, I have always believed the Jew to be residing on the right side of history, regardless of what Beck or Pat Robertson have told me.
And believe me, this short writing is in no way my resignation from the world of objective reasoning and my caring credentials are still valid. I am also not convinced that Jewish people are on the wrong side of history, just merely suggesting that I loosen the traumatizing stigma that’s dictated my world view.
For instance, for a collection of people defined by their ardent religious belief, I have yet to meet a considerate Jewish person. (Less my current employers, they have been outstanding) Objective eval, I have not yet walked away from an encounter with anything positive. Matter of fact, if I were to generalize, I’ve yet to meet a Jew who wasn’t a kinda prick. Someone who would hire Bashar Al-Assad if that meant achieving their goal. So I asked around, these are just11 of the confessions I heard from non-Jews.
I have yet to meet a Jewish person_____
  1. Who has one moral caring fiber of humanity.
  2. Who runs a charity.
  3. Who didn’t have money.
  4. Who didn’t seem to belong to some exclusive club, for which I could not join.
  5. Who actually stood for something (morally).
  6. Who didn’t badmouth everyone.
  7. Who told me they love America.
  8. Who had conservative values.
  9. Who liked country music.
  10. Who even liked America.
  11. Who didn’t look left and right when initiating a convo regarding a black person.